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Pastoral Counseling

​Dr. Angela Chester provides personalized Pastoral Counseling on an as-needed, preventative and enrichment basis.  New Life Pastoral Counseling helps with anxiety, PTSD, stress management, premarital counseling and more. 



Everyone deserves to live their best life. Learn how to be the best you can be; your truest self. Let's get started.

Natural Health

As a certified natural health consultant, I'll help you uncover habits that create declining health and illness. Let's create new habits that produce health and healing using holistic methods, natural medicine, herbal treatment, and easy day-to-day application.  

Anxiety & Depression

Many people with anxiety will also develop depression. We can help you with both. 

Pastoral Counseling and Holistic Health Care in Hampton Roads.

Post Traumatic Stress

Are you concerned about you or a family member? Help is here.

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a healing therapy recommended for a variety of acute and chronic conditions. Reiki helps with insomnia, to reduce pain, anxiety, and fatigue. It helps with strengthening general wellbeing.

Couples Counseling

From enrichment to divorce prevention - we can help.

Individual Counseling in Hampton.

Get a 1-hr session for as low as $65.

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