Dr. Angela B. Chester


Whole Love

Learning to love your self and seeing yourself in a positive light. Having a spiritual connection is a total and complete connection.

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Pastoral Counseling

As a Pastoral Counselor I provide personalized counseling on an as-needed, preventative and enrichment basis.  I help those dealing with anxiety, PTSD, stress management, premarital counseling and more. 




Everyone deserves to live their best life. Learn how to be the best you can be; your truest self. Let's get started.

A Plan

No cookie-cutter here. Your plan is created just for you to help with your issues and concerns. 

Pastoral Counseling: Christian wisdom plus psychological science.

Say hello to

  • A new way of living
  • New ways of processing what you're feeling
  • More energy
  • Feeling like life has left you behind. Be more involved in your life not just an observer
  • Knowing that you are "more" instead of less than - anything
  • Nourishing your happiness
  • Your new spiritual connect to life
  • Reclaiming your healthy, happy, and incredible new life

When you have the best guidance and support, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to reclaim control of your health and body.  Restore. Reclaim. Empower.

Individual Time

Always making time for my clients. I'm as much a coach as a therapist. 

Everyday Holistic

Showing you how easy it is to apply alternatives to your day-to-day for better mind-body connection.

Pastoral Counseling and

Holistic Health Care in Hampton & Long Beach.

Reiki Healing available near me
Spiritual Healing

Reiki is a healing therapy recommended for a variety of acute and chronic conditions. Reiki helps with insomnia, to reduce pain, anxiety, and fatigue. It helps with strengthening general well-being. Laying on of hands has been used for centuries.

Say hello to your new life. Holistic health, alternative medicine, spiritual care, pastoral counseling-for you.
Natural Health

As a certified natural health consultant, I'll help you uncover habits that create declining health and illness. Let's create new habits that produce health and healing using holistic methods, natural medicine, herbal treatment, and easy day-to-day application.  

Get started with a Individual counseling or a holistic health consultation in Hampton now!